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About   Abandon Biden

The Abandon Biden Campaign seeks to empower people of conscience to leverage their vote for the US presidency and, consequently, effect moral change in the United States and around the world. The campaign seeks to unite and mobilize all people of conscience to forge a national movement built around grassroots organizing, political lobbying, public advocacy, and voter mobilization to effectively transform people of conscience resisting genocide as a powerful voting block that cannot be ignored.

The Abandon Biden campaign was initiated when Joe Biden refused to call for a ceasefire in Gaza. Biden was given till October 31, 2023, to call for a permanent ceasefire. When Biden did not call for a ceasefire, on November 1, 2023 – on “Ceasefire Deadline Day” – people of conscience vowed to never vote for Biden and to actively campaign against him. Due to Joe Biden’s immoral position on Gaza, American leaders in pivotal swing states – Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, and North Carolina – have pledged to rally their communities against President Biden’s bid for re-election. Across the nation, Americans have committed not to vote for Biden and to actively campaign against him. The Abandon Biden campaign’s goal is to ensure that Biden loses the swing states.

The Abandon Biden strategy is for people of conscience to punish Biden at the ballot box and then take the “blame”—or claim the credit—for his electoral defeat. Punishing a president for his genocide would send a clear signal to the political landscape that genocide is not politically viable. It would create a political earthquake, soliciting a reckoning in the political parties.

People of conscience are powerful. This is a historic moment for Americans—a moment to take responsibility and ensure government accountability. This is a moment for unity and transformational action as communities across the nation come together to shape the future of the United States.