No Ceasefire, No Votes

#AbandonBiden seeks to empower Muslim Americans to leverage their vote for the US presidency, and consequently, effect moral change in the United States and around the world. The campaign seeks to unite and mobilize Muslim to forge a national movement built around grassroots organizing, political lobbying, public advocacy, and voter mobilization, to effectively transform Muslim Americans into a powerful voting block that cannot be ignored.

The #AbandonBiden campaign was initiated when Joe Biden refused to call for a ceasefire in Gaza. Due to Joe Biden's immoral position on the Israel-Gaza conflict, Muslim American leaders in pivotal swing states - Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, and North Carolina - have pledged to rally their communities against President Biden's bid for re-election. Across the nation, Muslim Americans and their allies have committed not to vote for Biden and to actively campaign against him. The #AbandonBiden campaign’s goal is to establish the institutional infrastructure to ensure that Biden loses the swing states. 

Muslim Americans are perhaps the most powerful Muslims on the planet today. This is a historic moment for Muslim Americans - a moment for taking responsibility and a moment to ensure government accountability. This is a moment for unity and transformational action, as communities across the nation come together to shape the future of the United States towards peace, justice, and dignity.

#AbandonBiden Goes to the White House

On January 13, 2024, a press conference convened in Washington, D.C., where National Muslim Leaders delivered a message directly to President Biden. During this announcement, the leaders declared withdrawing support for Biden in the upcoming 2024 election, citing dissatisfaction with Biden's Gaza Policy and genocide. The campaign organizers assert that this stance will ensure Biden's defeat in the election.

#abandonbiden is a great way to show how mobilization and unity makes all the difference let’s be powerful. The power of the people is greater than the people in power.
Way ahead of you. Not only not voting for Biden again, I'm demanding his resignation. Will not vote ever again for anyone who supports aid to Israel. Time to primary congressional reps who do.
@ leannifhionn
I did vote for biden but will no longer be voting for him. I also am democrat but am no longer voting democrat. I will not be voting republican, though. Biden lost me as a voter when he signec on to endlessly fund this genocide.
I'm not Muslim but I live in AZ and support this 100%. I stand with the Palestinians and will not vote for Biden in 2024. This is a great idea to make your voices heard.
Your movement is needed and will be a factor of importance #notothestatusquo
We will remember in November! No candidate who supports genocide gets my vote. Collective disgust and anger has to encourage us to mobilize and organize behind a strong candidate though. Trump and Biden are two sides of the same genocide! US $ and weapons are critical to Israel’s war machine. We must elect candidates that will end this genocide.
sends $150+ million in bombs to kill 18,000 civilians and counting, no way am i voting for biden. he needs to resign.
I will not vote for someone who is complicit in the killing of innocent civilians in Palestine. Biden is deaf to our voices right now , so in November we will be actively campaigning against him.
I am not Muslim but I will never vote for him again! I am heartbroken and tired of watching Dead babies on my feed. He did this.
I am not Muslim but I will never vote for him again! I am heartbroken and tired of watching Dead babies on my feed. He did this.

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