Press Release: 01-13-2024

#AbandonBiden Goes to the White House: A Message to President Biden is Delivered for First Time by National Muslim Leaders from Washington D.C., Announcing the Campaign to Abandon Biden in 2024 because of Biden’s Gaza Policy, Guaranteeing Biden's Loss

On Saturday, January 13, at 12:00 p.m. ET, for the first time, prominent #AbandonBiden Muslim leaders from nationwide will deliver a message directly to President Biden from Washington D.C. Since November 1, 2023, #AbandonBiden campaigns have been launched in swing states, and recently, at a national level in Dearborn, MI and Chicago, IL. #AbandonBiden comes to the White House as leaders explain why and how Muslim Americans and their allies will abandon Mr. Biden. An #AbandonBiden campaign has been launched because President Biden refused to call a ceasefire, and now, because Biden has abandoned the value of life, Muslim Americans have abandoned him. This press conference comes at a critical moment as the election season begins in 2024. Leaders representing the swing states will be speaking at the press conference.

DATE: Saturday, January 13, 2024

TIME: 12:00 p.m. ET (News Conference) 

LOCATION: US Supreme Court, located at 1 First Street NE, Washington, D.C., 20543

LOCATION INFORMATION: Outside of the US Supreme Court, in front of the staircase

LIVESTREAM LINK: https://www.facebookcom/abandonbiden24/.

SPEAKERS: The press conference will have national leaders delivering a message to President Biden

CONTACTS: Professor Dr. Hassan Abdel Salam at 952-905-8037,

and Religious Community Leader Khaled Kansou at 612-532-9033,




“The #AbandonBiden campaign is a civil rights struggle that stands for the premise that life must be protected. Biden turned his back on the value of life. There are no Israelis. There are no Palestinians. The only question is whether you are on the side of life,” said Professor Hassan Abdel Salam (National #AbandonBiden coalition).

"As a Michigander and a Muslim, I am disgusted at the President's abandonment of our moral principles and refusal to call for a ceasefire. His bypassing of Congress twice in the last month to send nearly $250 million of taxpayers' hard-earned money to support the ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinian Muslims and Christians shows that he not only is complicit in but is an actual party to genocide." - Michigan #AbandonBiden coalition leader, Samra'a Luqman

“We will save America from itself and punish Mr. Biden at the ballot box.” – National #AbandonBiden coalition leader and Community Leader Jaylani Hussein

"Muslim Americans need to organize and let our elected officials know that we are a voting block that they need to watch out for. This is the #AbandonBiden campaign's goal." - Arizona #AbandonBiden coalition leader, Dr. Ahmed Ewaisha

“Our votes have been taken for granted. This is a matter of moral conscience. In the Quran, it states that when you kill one life, it is like killing all of humanity, and when you save one life, it is like saving all of humanity. Ultimately, it’s morally imperative not to vote for Biden,” said National #AbandonBiden leader and Religious Community Leader Khaled Kansou.

"President Biden's journey to Israel amidst the ongoing conflict stands as a stark testament to a choice that aligns with the dark side of history. By turning a blind eye to the haunting cries of women and children trapped beneath the rubble, he has forsaken the very principles America holds dear." - Religious Community Leader and Minnesota #AbandonBiden coalition leader, Hassan Jamaa.

“What Muslim Americans have been demanding from Biden is so minimal. We ask for the end of the killing, of the bombardments, of the famine. Of this extreme policy of death. We are not asking for an extra inch of land; we’re just asking to stop the killing.” – National AbandonBiden coalition, Professor Hassan Abdel Salam.


This is the first time that the #AbandonBiden message will be delivered directly to the President in Washington D.C. While #AbandonBiden campaigns have been launched in swing states from Arizona to Florida, from Michigan to Wisconsin, and from Nevada to Minnesota, this moment sets the stage to directly tell the President that Muslim Americans and their allies are abandoning him. Leaders expand beyond the swing states, assuring Biden’s election loss. 


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