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Our Team

Hudayfah Ahmad

director of media and relations

Ahmad Qureshi

Graphic Designer

Lubna Hamad

Co-Chair Florida

Amna Alian

Co-Chair Florida

Mark Elbourno

Co-Chair North Carolina

Rabiul Chowdhury

Co-Chair Pennsylvania

Mossab S.

Co-Chair New York

Saleema Nawab

Director of Operations

Pooyan Ordoubadi

Co-Chair North Carolina

Tom Facchine

Imam & Leadership

Dr. Ahmed Ewaisha

Co-Chair Arizona

Hazim Nasaredden

Co-Chair Arizona

Nick Klein

Co-Chair Nevada

Khaled Kansou

Campaign Director

Misbah Ahmed

Operations Manager

Samara Luqman

Campaign Director

Jomana Al-Hinti

Co-Chair Ohio

Masuda Kaiskan

Operations Manager

Abdullah Sheikh

Co-Chair Florida

Jaylani Hussein

Leadership of Abandon Biden

Farah Khan

Co-Chair Michigan

Mark Elbourno

North Carolina co chair

Mark Elbourno, with a global perspective cultivated through extensive travel and professional engagements across diverse cultures, stands out as a beacon of excellence at one of the elite luxury real estate firms, catering to discerning real estate clientele. Mark’s career trajectory, initially as an Information Technology Consultant for renowned multinational firms, has sculpted his adept negotiation prowess and fostered enduring partnerships across all echelons. Transitioning alongside his wife to establish a thriving IT consulting enterprise with a transcontinental footprint underscored Mark’s entrepreneurial acumen. In 2019, Mark redirected his formidable skills towards real estate investment, seamlessly blending his wealth of sales acumen, impeccable client-centric ethos, and an intimate understanding of the dynamic market landscape as his team keeps growing. Central to his approach is an unwavering commitment to tailoring solutions to each client’s unique needs, thus setting a high standard for personalized service. As a Palestinian from Gaza, Mark has witnessed firsthand the genocide happening to his homeland, family, and friends by the Israeli Occupation Forces. This deeply personal experience propelled him to volunteer and help establish the Abandon Biden Campaign in North Carolina. Mark has gathered an amazing team and allies to join the efforts to make Biden accountable for his support of Israel. The campaign is determined to make Biden lose the upcoming elections. It is important to note that campaigning against Biden does not equate to campaigning for Trump. Both the Republican and Democratic parties are to blame for not standing on the right side of history and stopping the genocide. The campaign has alternative options, which will be revealed once they are approved by the committee. Beyond his professional pursuits, Mark finds solace in family life, residing in Rolesville, NC, where he cherishes moments with his two children and three beloved dogs.