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Welcome, and thanks for your interest in interning with Abandon Biden. The Abandon Biden movement emerged on November 1, 2023. It seeks to promote justice by voting against Biden for enabling genocide. By punishing Biden in the election, it would send a signal to the political landscape that genocide is unelectable. Join for Truth and Justice! Thank you for your interest in interning with the Abandon Biden Campaign, and feel free to carefully read and respond to the questions below. Thanks again.

To apply for an internship with Alabama Appleseed, please complete this 2-part checklist:
1) Fill out and submit the Internship Abandon Biden Form.
2) Submit your resume.

We accept interns all around the year. Internship opportunities are not restricted to a single activity. You may engage in producing social media content, writing content for a newsletter, and providing support in operations.

The Abandon Biden movement does not have a set number of interns that we accept. Generally, we accept interns to support social media production, writing posts in the newsletter, supporting the addition of content on the Abandon Biden website, and providing general support to operations. Operations organizes events, provides support to the campaign in the swing states, and facilitates fundraising. We will seriously consider all applicants who apply for an internship: interns may include college students, law students, Master’s students, and PhD candidates. We also encourage professionals to intern, if they wish to augment their experience or are interested in learning about political campaigns. Regardless of where you are in your educational or professional journey, we are excited that you are applying. We invite you to share your skills and interests.

Successful interns interested in learning about politics, are willing to produce unique social media content. Interns take ownership of their assignments, and engage in thoughtful, deliberative reflection about how to communicate the Abandon Biden message.

Applicants will hear back from the Abandon Biden Campaign within one week’s period. Thank you for your interest in interning with us. We look forward to reviewing your application materials!

Internship Abandon Biden Form